Before we meet, I will ask you for various information in order to optimally prepare the session and to select the appropriate wraps and carriers.

The class takes place at your home, so that you and your baby can stay in your usual environment and are disturbed as little as possible. We will first practice with a doll to master the technique(s) well before putting your child in the wrap or carrier. The consultation lasts as long as it takes for you and you feel safe enough.


After the session I am at your disposal and can help you with ordering or selecting your wrap. You will receive an e-mail with the topics and recommendations discussed. Often a second session is recommended, especially if you want to wear differently in the course of time. For example on the back or two children at the same time.




30 EUR / hour and per person (except for couples), from the second hour: 7.50 EUR per started 15 min.


0.20 EUR per kilometer driven by car (round trip). I use Google Maps (door to door). The payment is due immediately after the session and in cash.


Non-canceled consultations (at least 24 hours in advance) will be charged at 30 EUR / person (except for couples). An initial consultation usually takes 2h to 2,5h, a workshop +/- 4 hours and a second consultation usually 1h-1,5h.  


It is in your responsibility to inform me prior to our meeting about any health restrictions in relation to you or your child. You are also responsible for applying the techniques you have learned correctly - I take no responsibility in this regard.