• stimulates the cognitive development

  • can contribute to better sleep

  • contributes to a correct development of joints, muscles and the hips

  • prevents flat skull

  • good for the digestion

  • reinforces the attachment 

  • recommended for preemies

  • parents who wear their babies feel often more self confident and competent

  • with an adapted carrier or wrap you avoid neck, back and shoulder pain

  • the proximity is good for mums that are breastfeeding

  • you get your hands free

  • perfect for high need babies

  • can save you some money and is good for the environment

I work with preemies and their parents, twins,  post caesarean, still pregnant mums and disabled parents or babies.

The medical advisory board which is cooperating with the Die Trageschule ® is at my disposal in case of questions in special wearing situations. Tandem wearing and baby wearing for pregnant women is also part of my services.